I hope you enjoy these pictures.  Most of the recent are oils, but quite a few are acrylic.  I also enjoy mixed media; pastels and ink and paint all in together.


Most of my recent work began in response to work I did at  Horsham Museum back in 2013 where I painted responses to kitchen equipment and other useful objects in the collection.  I exhibited at the Hop Gallery in Lewes in August/September 2016.  It was a terrific exhibition called USEFUL including some of the Horsham Museum work, plus farm machinery and wind turbines.  It was beautifully hung by the gallery, and I got great feedback.  It was lovely for me to see all my work together, meet old friends, and sell the odd painting.  Since then I’ve exhibited in Brick Lane where I was delighted to be hung alongside Emily Ball, John Skinner and Simon Carter.

Previous exhibitions include solo exhibitions at the Sussex Arts Club, Brighton and The Old Market, Hove and Seawhites.  I have also exhibited at the Lightbox Art Gallery in Woking as part of their ‘Taste of Art’ series of exhibitions.

I want to mention some people who have taught and inspired me, all of whom are connected to the amazing Seawhites Studio in Partridge Green, run by Emily Ball www.emilyball.net  an inspiring painter and inspiring teacher.  When I was first taught by her, many years ago now, she opened my eyes to a whole way of seeing and liberated my approach to art and I cannot thank her enough.  Details of the courses she runs are available at www.emilyballatseawhite.co.uk   Through Emily, I’ve been lucky enough to be taught by some fantastic artists and inspirational teachers including John Skinner, Nick Bodimeade, Gary Goodman and Kate Solluhub.

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